Conspiracy House Rock by Robert Smigel (a 2:00 intro)

I have always loved the pursuit of knowledge, from the trivial to the deep questions on life and events that occurred in history.  Looking back on my childhood I think the most important thing I understood was that I didnt know much, but the more I learned, the more self-esteem I gained.  The real catch-22 on this was that I didn’t like reading, not that I couldnt, but it was a slow way to get information and so I found it more time efficient to ask questions.  I was one of those children that continually asked…why?…how?…why?… and for every answer there was always another question, the bigger the topic, the more questions.  I needed to fill in all the blanks and make it all make sense in my mind.  When I got done grilling one parent I would move on to the other and eventually I think they broke down and bought the Encyclopaedia Britannica set so I could begin to look up information instead of bugging them everytime a topic and slew of questions popped into my head (I never relayed how much I didnt like reading).  Unfortunately for me, if a question popped up that was obscure, a finger pointing to that set would inevitably be the response.    A bit reluctantly, I began bringing those heavy volumes to school and diving into topics (amidst heavy teasing until, I was able to display my recall abilities of the knowledge gained) and learned quickly how to glean information but I also learned something more important; in my gaining of random knowledge I learned right away that simply because someone was a “teacher” didnt mean they knew jack squat about topics outside the lessons they taught day to day.    I remember the moment, distinctly, that I realized simply because someone was older, a teacher, a professor, an authority figure, it didnt mean they were omniscient and their thoughts to be taken as gospel; it meant they were older.  I then looked to question everything, keep an open mind and know that I may not know; and most importantly…no one else necessarily knows either regardless of title, position or age.

The humbling, know-nothing, open-minded, Socratic approach to knowledge combined with a staunch disdain for any authority that believed they could restrict my freedoms or influence my thoughts (even as a child) actually ended up being entirely complimentary to my need to question everything.  [typing this now it seems peculiar that little grade school me was like this, but I believe there is much credence to the suppressed data that your personality is set in genetics and anchored by the time you are 5 or 6 years old]  Before our current period of time of “fake news” and lying government, people like me would be deemed conspiracy theorists.  Hell, the entire title would be immediately labeled conspiracy junk topics if we were but 5 years ago,  but … what now is conspiracy?  What is fact?  (thats another good topic, separating fact from belief from truth philosophically)  Why is it that people selectively choose what topics to believe and what topics are lies when these topics come from the same source?  (simply agreement and disagreement but are people that dense?)

I was (thus?) drawn into the world of conspiracy theories before I even knew what defined a conspiracy theory (a CIA defined term which is of note).  I was in the fifth grade when I had to choose an open research project for the science fair (I ended up doing a piece on Uranus) and overheard my father talking about the moon landing…yup I am going there and I am going to loose many right here…but what if it hadnt happened the way we were told.  I began taking a look into articles on the moon landing, the orbital motion, the radiation belts and so on.  I actually never found an article on a theory that it was faked, nor was I looking for them since I figured if it was faked then it should be easy enough to prove that it couldnt happen with a little research (remember there was no internet to use when I was little, only library books and microfiche).  I found that unbeknownst to me the moon actually has HUGE fluctuations in its orbit that are incalculable to the specifications need to hit it with any accuracy.  The fact that it speeds up and slows down depending on planetary positions and the position of the moon and these same planetary positions also effect position not only closer or further away from earth but also higher and lower (3D plane imagery) to such a degree that the tiny rocket thrusters on our rockets could never make up for the tremendous changes in speed nor the fluctuations in orbital patterns (hundreds of thousands of miles) of this tiny target.  I wont even get into the Van Allen radiation belt… but this isnt to say that we havent been there , only that what we were told was our technology at the time couldnt have done the trip.  (this is also confirmed when the gravitational pull of the moon’s magic number…approx 45000mi… would have been impossible to break coming off the surface with the tiny engines on that capsule that we were lead to believe was used)   Let us role into JFK and the “magic bullet”; we know this assassination happened, but as the moon landing, what if it didnt happen the way we were told?  Lincoln/Civil War? 9/11? WW2? The Revolutionary War?

I ask now, again… what has us believing some of the drivel shoveled out via media and government and taking it as an absolute, calling those that dont believe fools… but other information shoveled out, sourced from the same entity (feeding  both government and media), we may find unpalatable and proclaim this information lies and if one believes these lies they are fools?   Take a moment and consider how much sense this makes (zero).  If something is stated that we agree with, we source it and it is truth.  If something is stated that we disagree with, it is a lie and we now call it fake news.   If we now, in this current period of our country’s timeline, have come to realize a bias and lies from those we once believed, what is there to say we havent been lied to for generations?  If we were to take history textbooks every 20 years and compare the events’ timelines and explanations that go with these events then how much do these events change?  What happened in these events?  How are they explained?  Who is at fault?  Currently it seems white people are at fault for everything…but was this true 20, 40 , 60, 100 years ago?  Pick up an old text book you have in the back porch or on a shelf and then grab one from your child or niece/nephew and take a moment to read about an event.  Compare the two…then read about an event that happened in your lifetime…is it how you remember?

We have, as an American people, finally noticed we have been blatantly lied to and been under an attempted manipulation by media and government that has gone on for the past 8 years in this anti-American/anti-liberty administration…did you know that government was officially made legal including red flags, by executive order, to study behaviors of the populace during this administration?  (executive order, red flags approved, propaganda, more) But what about the more subtle “massaging of knowledge” (lies) as a rewritten history in our educational systems that has heavily contributed to this snowflake generation and their views on this country, its founders and our freedoms.  What of the headlines and news of our childhood?  What of the headlines of our parents and grandparents?   How far back could it go?  How possible would it be?   But perhaps most importantly currently in light of the attacks on “fake news” is how is it that we have now after generations been able to pull the wool from our eyes and see some of the bullshit that has been thrown our way?

Two things must be controlled to control a populace, information and money.  First, money.  We already know our money is controlled by the Federal Reserve.  What many may not know is that there is nothing federal about it; it is an unconstitutional privately owned entity that has created an elitist banker controlled debt system via a central banking system to which all countries must bow down to or be forced to its knees.  Time and again those countries that have attempt to go against the grain of these bankers will have found themselves physically forced by way of military might (the US soldiers) to play a part in forced mafia loans and banking system.  If one is to look at the past couple decades and the wars that took place in the name of liberation and freedom and the dictatorial governments that were overthrown from Libya to Iraq and now Syria, the common thread wasnt the governments’ brutality (how many government around the world are brutal that our government has no interest in) but the fact that none of the entities has a central bank and all wanted to go to a gold standard of trade.  The military went in, destroyed everything, overthrew a government and then allowed for bankers to “offer” their services for loans for “rebuilding” and a new system of banker from which the new government could utilize it for trade and MORE loans.  But this hasnt just happened abroad, In fact if one looks deeper into JFK and Lincoln, they too shared a common belief against the banking system…the use of Congress to create the Constitutional and interest free “greenbacks” that would circumvent the bankers…we know how that went.  Much has been written about the Fed Reserve and the bankers…our founders knew all about them and what they would do…and since the inception of our Nation, they have done (with the exception of Andrew Jackson’s term as President) and I encourage anyone to do even a brief search for information on this and find how this debt that we keep being charged is in fact to pay into the pockets of these illegal institutions.

Second, information.  The double edged sword for those that would control information is technology.  Technology has sped delivery, increased access and has developed numerous methods on which information can be spread.  Near sighted thinking would see this as a key ability to spread a message of propaganda to those that may not have previously been able to be reached, but (the doubled edge) this has, in fact, allowed those that werent previously reached [and those theat never bought into the accepted narrative] to broadcast their message and information as well.  We have seen this become a fight for competing ideologies.  This ability of the average person to introduce a second/third/fourth…. narrative into the mix along with the everyday persons ability to record and save EVERYTHING on a moments notice to display supporting evidence to contradict the propaganda has become the very thing that has changed the populaces’ acceptance and single minded zombie following from previous generations.  We are now allowing ourselves to finally see the propaganda we are fed from multiple sides, multiple sources and given with multiple opinions and be able to incorporate our own experiences in addition to IMMEDIATE “on the ground” experiences from EVERYONE else to generate an actual truth that has been developing to FACT.

Controlling the information has been a continual practice of ALL governments both in war and peace.  Pamphlets have been dropped in war zones, speakerphones project propaganda points to demoralize the enemy and talking points have been developed in the home countries from which the people can be inspired to believe and accept the ruling body’s position on whatever is taking place.  This control has been lost and was proven to those during this past election.  This is why we now have a war on “fake news”.  What I find most alarming isnt the attack on free speech, the powers have been attacking frees speech with “hate speech” campaigns since Obama was elected to office, but the refusal of so many people to look into what exactly these sources of “fake news” have on their sites. ALL of these sites contain SOURCED links to articles written by the very entities saying that it is “fake news”.  The only thing that these sites do it to project an opinion on the given topic of the article.  These are called op-eds or opinion editorials.  In a handful of cases there actually are “on the street” interviewers that conduct interviews of people on a given topic…but once again; when has getting someones opinion been considered “fake news”?  No…it isnt a news angle that it is being promoted nor accepted by the populace that no longer respects the propaganda…it is the fact that people now know there are SO MANY OTHERS seeing and experiencing the same things they are and this had unified the people and given them heart to stand up for what they believe as there is strength in numbers.  The mass psychology of crowds (a great and often studied read) has taken hold and the only way to attempt to prevent it from spreading is to take control of the method by which it is spread…the internet.

I had written another brief article on the control of the internet and the call of China to the tech companies to introduce censorship to ideas that were “unacceptable”.  This has proven challenging as in any competitive market the consumer will dictate that which survives and that which doesn’t.  We have seen GAB introduced as an alternative to Twitter’s speech police and facebook, youtube, google and other social media sites attacked by users for editing content and selectively presenting content.  This will continue little by little, but isnt moving quickly enough as it is now becoming evident that the extent to which the powers have destroyed our country and freedoms under Obama may be drastically and expediently wiped away under this new administration and the appointees of the cabinet that are deeply, right wing and pro American.  The only thing left to be done to protect the surveillance, Orwellian state (all under the guise of good intensions) that we now live under is to void the election and see if the results can be under-minded  and doubted enough to oust Trump.  The dangerous outcome of the movement of people against the moneyed powers that have dictated policy and propaganda in this country, in all areas of life, for so long is that the moneyed powers now have an ally in the unconstitutional alphabet soup agencies that stand to be potentially defunded or outright done away with in this new term.  This unification is bringing the enemies of freedom into the light…seeking the very same obstruction of truth and liberty that the Chinese COMMUNISTS have called for, only on the homefront.

—Enemies foreign and DOMESTIC…

the Judge …  (Napolitano’s  5 minute speech…he knows its coming)

the EPA, BLM, DHS, CIA, NSA, FBI, SEC, FCC, TSA…how many agencies do we have?  how is it our Congress has any POWER at all when these agencies create THEIR OWN POLICY?!

 Congress is just for show… they are just there to line their own pockets.  Corporations have written into law welfare subsidy checks to themselves from which they pay the very congressman who passed the bill for them…to pass more bills     …thats introductory FASCISM…  all thats left is the final tracking of the populace [which by the way is being passed RIGHT NOW under the guise of finding elderly that wander way] and taking the guns

the EPA and BLM have destroyed private property rights and taken lands from the states, sold mineral rights to foreign entities…

the NSA built a HUGE recording center to net every communication transmitted….not for foreign entities, but for you and me.

The FBI selectively chose whether to prosecute HRC because there wasnt enough “evidence”.  How many others have been looked over because of the positions held?

Dont even get me started on the SEC…any one see The Big Short (it’ll get you started)

TSA…herding cattle…yup thats what we are; has anyone actually looked at these fools they hire?  I would trust them to protect a pez dispenser, but I am supposed to believe they can protect planes?  Let them frisk men, women, children, the elderly ?  when do we draw the line?

This brings me to the DHS (Homeland Security) and there initial accusations that the election could be hacked (started the mem back in AUGUST), then moved on to will be hacked by foreign entities [Russians] WAY BEFORE THE ELECTIONS… they demand states let them intervene…states say F off… but hey look here, Georgia finds that the DHS actually HACKED their elections…. (but this isnt news)…of course no one mentions how PBS of all media did an article claiming why Russians would want us to think the elections were hacked;nor the possibility of DHS being hacked themselves….hmmm.

Linking to the DHS and the Russians, the CIA comes out and says they believe the Russians helped Trump win.  Couldnt be because Trump directly called them out and said all they do is LIE for their own benefit the week prior and that he would defund the p.o.s. —the CIA are government overthrowers, “expert” in manipulating and installing puppet governments (it looks like they are going to try it here to by undermining the election…enemies foreign and domestic)

THE REAL QUESTION SHOULD BE…  If all this hacking occured with all of these “security agencies”, what kind of security are these agencies providing?

I am absolutely certain that all of the negative coverage of Trump over the months and months of primaries and the election process was also all Russian planned…./sarc  (for a plot to work there must be an enemy)

—Human Behavioral Psychology [Rule from the Shadows]… humans only accept that which agrees with their current beliefs and thoughts, anything that goes against this automatically causes the release of the same neurochemicals released during instinctive defensive survival fighting preventing any sort of communication and thus furthering the current divide in this country.  Knowing how to manipulate this behavior and the human psyche has long been used as a tool by both corporation and government.  In addition case studies now show that people can be made to remember events that never happened.  Our taxpayer dollars have funded the experimental creation of ZOMBIES…our education system has BRAINWASHED a singular idea into these ZOMBIES…

…the Media…FBI (however somewhat at odds with their international counterpart)…NSA…CIA…and with the introduction of the propagandistic Russia vote hacking we now see the current puppet and RINOs jump to attention at the call of their moneyed masters calling for a “full report”, regardless of the finding in the recounts that Trump has picked up votes in Wisconsin (and here) and there has been NO evidence of hacking.   The propaganda must be pushed and pushed and pushed until a partially accepted meme is found to cast just enough doubt with just enough people. (Even if the liars confuse the lie themselves… WH spokesman Earnest says CHINA hacked)  We see this meme catching steam, as exected, by all those that were “dumbfounded” that Trump had won and given the propensity for violence on the left their protests and threats are now calling electors to questions their votes before the 19th of Dec.

For so long these entities were able to work seemingly separately, but because all information from documents, to speeches, to news stories are now able to be saved, linked and relayed across the country the unintended consequence of a new story was formed.  People were able to see how the actions of the administration and their agencies were acting in coordination with the desires of the corporations, all the while having the talking head media reinforcing these actions regardless if they were against American values and culture.  It became plainly evident when everything was seen together that there was a direct and unmistakable effort across the echelons of the “elite rulers” to accomplish a goal and this goal was to undermine America, the Constitution, our laws and with it our individual liberties.  This isnt the only time we the people have been warned of some kind of entity looking to undermine our country… (most notable, JFK)  I ask you how is it that all these agencies, our entire government, our state governments, and even local governments seem to follow the same ideas that we see from the European Union and the NATO member nations?  How is it that seemingly the divide is DIRECTLY the fight between individual liberty and “the greater good” of socialism; every law or ordinance that is passed is to restrict individual liberty under the guise of doing good? Why is it that our government passes “midnight laws” and our president scrawls out “lame duck” executive orders that legalize mass government propaganda and behavioral studies and entirely ignore and circumvent our Constituion?


Agenda 21 (2030) attack on property rights, middle class “bread winner” jobs, rural communities; Mass Migration/Open Borders attacks on our culture, our religion, our safety; UN Small Arms Treaty (2nd Amendment Attack);  Government Controlled Common Core Education to spread a liberal agenda and a revisionist history of freedom and the world; PC Tought Police attack on free spech to cut off dissenters; Currency control and manipulation to destroy western economies and redistribute wealth;  Mass wars for mass profits…and it goes on and on…   The tentacles of these common pushes to make laws to control people are GLOBAL.  There is only one way to accomplish this outcome; the leaders of the world must all agree on an agenda and push it, this is NOT coincidental that the same agendas are pushed to a specific goal, that the same rhetoric is pushed over and over.  (2 Prime Minsters, 1 speech on the Iraq war, Obama and Bush 43, NWO Obama and Bush 41, UK Prime Ministers, identical ’08 & ’12 speech, lobbyist speech to 42 congressmen…  It is so easy to see how these people are nothing more than talking heads for what ever speech is presented to them at any given moment, but only if those teleprompters work)    It is not coincidental that for every government entity there is a council or think-tank associated with them to sway opinion, nor that these councils contain the same members across the world.  It is not coincidental that the wealthiest and most influential members of the world meet regularly nor is it coincidental that they push the same ideas….the surface of the DEEP STATE.  This is further evidenced as this election pushed it into the light from the shadows the HRC was their candidate…the FBI refused to prosecute (twice!), the media fought tooth and nail to get her elected, but failing in this paid protesters caused mass disruptions nationwide attempting to sway the populace to action, failing this the popular vote meme was pushed to throw out the electoral college, failing this they have now gone to coercing and threatening electors,  in addition claims of “fake news” causing her downfall has brought about internet CEOs censoring and fighting conservative blogging and articles as “fake news” police, if failing this the government agencies are pushing a hacking meme by Russia to undermine legitimacy of the election, failing this the government passed a resolution in the dark of night to attack “propaganda”… we are seeing it from all sides!  Corporations, Government, Media…what more evidence is needed that American values and the people who live by them and the Constitution are under attack?

The Mass Crowd phenomenon worked to unite…(yes it did)…but it was the unintended other half the country (in fact many country loving Nationalists throughout the world) of like minded individuals that love their country; rather than being for the propaganda, this crowd is distinctly against the push of propaganda and has stood up for their countries and their rights.  We have seen it in Brexit, the the election of Trump and now Italy.  The world is witness to what is going on.  It seems, however, that our power is in our passion toward freedom and not in our positions.  The positions of “power and authority” have been infiltrated to a great extent by those that would take their silver and sell off our freedoms.  Our congress is taking a stand now; they will not have term limits…corporations and military industrial complex are taking a stand; they will not see their pork handouts cut…foreign countries are taking a stand; they will not see trade agreements work against their profits…our alphabet soup surveillance state is taking a stand; it will not lose power or be dethroned from their control over every aspect of our lives…

…and one man took a stand (I so hope was genuine) for the country he loved and for the people that are his countrymen.  He has taken abuse, his family has taken abuse and his companies have taken abuse for a refusal to allow this Deep State agenda and the destruction of America to occur.  The country got up and took to the vote in support against the tyranny, but many more for their pocketbooks than because they actually would stand against the tyrants.  I look at our events over the passing weeks and all I can think is how far away the 20th of January is and how so much can happen in that time.  It seems at times we are fighting insurmountable odds given the willing shredding of our Constitution by the entities sworn to protect and follow it.  We are now at odds with those unconstitutional agencies, our government, foreign threats and even the homegrown zombie followers that would happily enslave themselves.  We need so much to have those that support our Constitution, our laws and our rights to take a stand and give us a push back to go forward and reclaim all that was lost, especially over these last 8 years.  We need people to pay attention to those officials that willingly sell out our rights the moment they feel the tide has turned (Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell…so many others), we need to support the actions to limit terms, to throw out common core, to defund bloated budgets…the end of the election is only the start of the fight for the media wont stop pushing, the government wont stop pushing…its their ONLY agenda…we have been pushed to the corner and need to make the stand.